GROW K216+R502 Fingerprint Recognition Access Control System+R502 Capacitive fingerprint sensor

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K216 Technical Parameters

·P1: Power supply:DC10V--30V
·P2: Output:Relay(Max. current: 10A)
·P3: MX 1.0-6P Fingerprint Module (can connect R502)
·P4: MX 1.25-6P Fingerprint Module (can connect R300,R301T,R302,R303,R303T,R305,R306,R307,R501)
·Standby current:6mA(DC12V)
·Fingerprint capacity:300 pieces

K216 Operation Instruction

1. SET Button:
1.1 Press SET button shortly,system in register state and indicator light flash fast, press two times for each fingerprint, fingerprint register successful when hearing music.Fingerprint can be registered continuously when system in register state; if no need adding fingerprint more, waiting 8 seconds.(Fingerprint capacity is 100 pieces when press SET button,the registered fingerprints are stored in database 01)
1.2 When back to factory default, press SET button until hear “Di” long beep and music,means initialization operation successful
2. Remote Control:
2.1 Red indictor lighted means in programming stated, music means operation successful, default  password: 123456,password length: 6numbers
2.2  Change password: Press *password*1*new password*new password#
2.3  Register fingerprint:Press*password*2*DD# , DD from 00 to 02(00, 01 and 02 refer tothree different fingerprint databases), each database can store fingerprint 100 pieces; Exit fingerprint in register state when press * button or waiting for 10s.
2.4.  Empty fingerprint:Press *password*3*password#
2.5.  Control Work Mode:
        Press *password*4*00#    Fingerprint module touch standby function ON
        Press *password*4*01#    Fingerprint module touch standby function OFF(Normally on Mode)
2.6.  Delay time for closing relay:Press *password*5*SS #; SS from 00 to 20, SS means the closing time for relay(from 0.5s to 20s), e.g.: 00 means 0.5s, 20 means 20s; Default time is 5s.
2.7.  Delete fingerprint:Press *password*6*DD#, DD from 00 to 02 (00, 01 and 02 refer tothree different fingerprint databases).
2.8.  PasswordUsing:Press *password and relay closed, press # and relay opened.
3 FunctionSet:
When chose 2, closing time of the relay is 5s after pass fingerprint(5s is default time, and it can be adjusted by remote control);
When chose 1, relay closed when fingerprint passed, relay will be opened when removing finger.

K216 can be used together with R300,R301T,R302,R303,R303T,R305,R306,R307,R501,R502 fingerprint modul

R502 Specifications

·Interface:RS232 (TTL)
·Resolution:508 DPI
·Voltage:DC 3.3V
·Working current(Fingerprint acquisition):18mA      
·Standby current(finger detection): Typical touch standby voltage: 3.3V, Average current: 2uA
·Fingerprint capacity:200
·Sensing Array:192*192 pixel
·Fingerprint reader module size: diameter 22mm
·Effective collection areadiameter 15mm
·Connector: MX1.0-6pin
·LED Color: Bule and Red
·ScanningSpeed:< 0.2 second
·Verification Speed:< 0.3 second
·Matching Method:1:1; 1:N
·FRR (False Rejection Ratio):≤0.01%
·FAR (False Acceptance Ratio):≤0.00001%
·Antistatic capacity:15KV
·Abrasive resistance intensity:1 million times
·Peak power consumption:60 mA
·Work environment:-20°C ---55°C
·Work Humidity:0-90%
·Communications baud rate (UART):(9600 × N) bps where N = 1 ~ 12(default N = 6, ie 57600bps)


·All fingerprint module support with Arduino, Android, Windows, Linux, .Net and so on. 
·Provide Free SDK Files
·Provide User Manual 

You can download the R502 user manual from this website link:

You can dowload the K216 user manual from this website link: 








​K216 Circuit board diagram


R502 fingerprint module circuit board diagram


Package Listing


K216 can be used together with R300 capacitive fingerprint module


K216 can be used together with R307 capacitive fingerprint module

K216 can be used together with R303T capacitive fingerprint module
K216 can be used together with R501 capacitive fingerprint module

Brand Name:
Model Number:
Fingerprint capacity:
Power Supply:
DC 10V--30V
Standby current:
Relay(Max. current:10A)